Thursday, February 2, 2017

Class nerves...

Sitting at school a complete nervous mess.

I am to give a presentation today about BDSM and what that looks like in a functional 24/7 household. I'm nervous to open myself up about it but I'm excited as well and I trust my audience.

On top of all of this, only a true masochist would plan something like this out and then get completely wet just thinking about the risk of being judged. Good grief Charlie Brown... Hide me now!!

Update: it went over pretty well... Five people decided they didn't want to be involved in the activity but they all accepted the information pretty well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Deep within my being I scream, I fight, I kick and curse... But through it all I'm yours. I constantly betray myself to you. My eyes hold wide open for you to enjoy the pain you inflict on me through my non blinking eyes. No matter how it hurts they remain open for your pleasure. I want to rebel, to slap you, three urge to switch on you kills me inside but I do nothing save for begging for more of your torture...

You order me to open my mouth and I do so reluctantly... I pray for your cum... I pray so desperately to receive your load and take it happily pausing until you decide to allow me to enjoy it or you steal it from my mouth to have all to yourself..  instead you spit... You spit on my eyes first, them my nose knowing full well I can't stand anything wet on my nose... You at last spit into my mouth... It makes me cringe and gag but I control myself waiting for your orders to feed your spit to myself... To use a finger to slide it down my face and into my mouth... I hesitate when you give the orders begging silently for you to reconsider... As I feel the back of your hand land hard on my cheek I immediately follow your orders not daring to question you again. As horrible as it seems in my mind it's working me up so much I feel I might explode... God I fucking want you to take me... I need you inside of me..

You sit on my face with me unaware of when the last time was that you cleaned... I must trust that you're kind..  my tongue darts out  eagerly meeting your back pussy ass my hand reached to gently stroke your member..  I fucking need you more than ever... I'm driving myself insane!! I devour your cunt, tongue fucking you, unaware of anything around me. I squirm beneath you and the only thanks I get is a hard slap to my pussy. I fight to keep my thighs from snapping closed and thankfully I succeed this time. I cry out but continue doing my job

You jump off of me and push my face into the pillows lifting my ass up high. You tease my pussy as little drops of cum splatter on the bed beneath me... You slam into my ass instead and laugh as I cry out in pain whimpering but not daring to pull away. You spank my ass hard again and again hitting the sweet spots and inner thighs as much as you can between pounding and pulling out. You been happily at the training you've put into such flawless resisting techniques... I remain where I'm placed praying that maybe just maybe you'll have me

You pull out and shove me down fully rolling me over and gripping my hair to clean your cock... You won't even allow my mouth near it. You choke me until I pass out and leave me there chained until you wish to use me again....

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hello To All

It has come time for me to get back into writing. I used to have books of poetry, short and long stories, and even diary entries. I went through a period of just enjoying life and not bothering to record anything. It is finally time to address that issue and make some changes. I truly hope that you, the reader, may find inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment through the wild and wacky world of Kasumi Lynn!